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Bridget Marie 2pc Duo

The Bridget Marie Duo

Bridget Marie Duo is an economical musical group in which Bridget Marie is accompanied by a single guitarist/keyboardist and/or musical director. On occasion, she and her her partner/musical director travel to remote global locations whereby she is accompanied  by either said musician or a musical director which directs backing musicians/bands  located within other regions of the world.  Depending upon the type of appearance, and if necessary,  pre-recorded music from studio-recordings or those recorded by her regular band members are often used for radio/television broadcast performances. Accompaniment  by a single musician or music-director offers flexibility and reduced travel/lodging expenses associated when performing abroad or working with  promoters & clients in remote regions throughout the world. In this case, the musical director will work remotely, online, with remote orchestras, bands,  vocalists, etc. in other countries in advance of the scheduled performance,  to prepare/rehearse for said performance.

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