Official Bridget Marie Music

Pop, R & B, Jazz, Neo-Soul & Dance Music

Paul Martin’s – Outdoors

Outdoor Event Under The Stars @ Paul Martin’s – Roseville, CA.

The Bridget Marie – Rob Lopes Duo have been a favorite performer at The Paul Martin’s Roseville Summer Music Series over the last few seasons. They are back with their diverse mix of pop, R & B, Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz and Dance grooves to make everyone move as seen in the video below.

About the Venue

At Paul Martin’s American Grill, our passion is simple: elevating America’s classic cuisine by using only the highest quality, best tasting ingredients. Our founders, Paul Fleming and Brian Bennett, uphold industry-leading sourcing standards. The ingredients in our dishes come from suppliers that share our relentless focus on quality. Whether it’s a perfectly seasoned rib eye seared on our mesquite grill or the produce that fills our salad bowls, you’ll savor the quality that our thoughtfully sourced foods bring to every dish.

Our mission begins with our sourcing practices, but it hardly ends there. We uplift the dining experience with remarkable hospitality in a polished, contemporary atmosphere designed to invite and excite in equal measure. Join us today to relax, unwind, and discover how America’s food revolution is unfolding at our tables.

Paul Martin’s Story

When restaurateur Paul Fleming moved to Napa Valley and tasted the difference in eating fresh, unadulterated food straight from the land, there was no going back. “You don’t know what better is until you actually experience it,” he recalls, and was then determined to offer back-to-basics eating all across America.


Chef and restaurateur Brian Bennett shared Paul’s vision. Over dinner one evening, both men celebrated the flavor of clean, “real food” ingredients, but lamented how most Americans don’t know where their food comes from and have difficulty accessing higher-quality ingredients.

Thus began their quest to change America’s food story.

Paul and Brian knew this story must start at the source. They traveled to and partnered with renowned vineyards for exclusive wines, California cattle ranchers for premium beef, and trusted fishermen for fresh seafood. Their quality sourcing philosophy meant collaborating with the most conscientious and talented farmers and purveyors they could find. And just like that, a new restaurant concept was born.

Paul Martin’s American Grill is on a mission to make the food America loves set to a higher standard, all served in an environment of convivial and remarkable hospitality. We warmly invite you to enjoy America’s New Food Story.

Bridget Marie – Rob Lopes Duo Performing At Paul Martin’s, Restaurants, Cabaret’s & Casinos

Video of  The Bridget Marie – Rob Lopes  Performing A Tribute To SADE Music



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